"Ontological coaching is focused on the action (...) providing access to Being in a way that other disciplines that take this for granted cannot do.

It proposes an interpretation committed with the possibility that each individual represents and with their commitments. This interpretation allows for inventing an unpredictable future not anchored in the precedent history.

This is the reason why ontological coaching is an invitation to observe, become aware, and redesign the assumptions each individual bases their life. It is an opportunity for experiencing a deep transformation regarding the way in which each person relates to themselves and other human beings."

Jorge P. Pinotti


In the spirit of present times, when everything is under review and constantly changing, Grupo Initium proposes making a contribution to the conversation on the ontology of language applied to the interests and lives of people in their most specific aspects. We open this space in which it is possible to ask ourselves and think about the humanistic philosophical support of the practice of ontological coaching, holding a discussion that allows its growth and projection in the future.

Initium Academics arises from this proposal as a site for training new coaching professionals, but also for inquiring and researching about the paradigm that supports the current coaching practice and its ground principles.

Relevance of Ontological Coaching

It makes possible for efficient change processes to take effect efficiently.

It summons the central values and commitments of the human being.

It renews the human relationship systems..

It allows for the production of unprecedented results.

It models collaboration and the creation of consensus.

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