Application Procedure and Admission Criteria

Application Procedure and Admission Criteria

Procedimiento para Aplicar

Choose among the options what is the most relevant to you.

Contact us for further details in:

You fill a registration form.

With the following information.

Former academic studies documentation.

Other relevant documents such as recommendations, professional courses etc.


Personal statement about your interest in Coaching Psychology, Existential Psychology Coaching or associated fields.

After that you shall be video- interviewed by our academic director or one of our faculty members.

If we recommend your application we send it to the university.

You might be interviewed again by video by a university faculty member.

After completion of this process you shall receive an official confirmation from the university about your admission or rejection.

After a positive response, you will receive a detailed Manuel with explanations about the next stages and you could start studying.

General Terms

Students will be expected to demonstrate an ability to undertake the academic requirements of the program. Evidence for this will include some of the following:

  • A BA or equivalent academic or professional qualification.
  • Accreditation of prior learning.
  • Personal interviews to establish the ability to withstand the academic and professional requirements successfully.

In addition, it is expected that students will be able to demonstrate that he/she will be able to undertake sufficient practical work during the period of the program so as to be able to complete the practical elements and requirements of the program.

Student Admission

Candidates, irrespective of their entry qualifications need to satisfy the Program Team that they:

  • Are capable of meeting the academic requirements of the program, with support of the faculty team
  • Understand the self-development nature of learning.
  • Have the motivation and time to undertake self directed learning.
  • For further consultation and inquires please contact us.

Personal Interview

All candidates will go through a personal interview administered by the program academic staff.

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