Coach Formation Program


Our Coach Formation Program's main objective is to teach the use of the conversational techniques we use in our seminars, courses and personal interactions to those people that wish to implement coaching into their professional practice and/or everyday life in one way or another, or simply to dedicate themselves to professional coaching. This program provides a supervised theoretical and practical foundation for our students to acquire conversational skills and critical thinking that will allow them to capitalize on experiences and knowledge in order to design their practice.

The coach training enables new working avenues for our students by allowing them to design an increasingly unpredictable future. This program teaches the students a new interpretation structure, generating multiple interpretations, that will allow them to work with diverse human groups in processes concerning leadership and transformation.

Structure and Certification

The whole program's structure rests on three axes:

  • Theoretical-Practical lessons, for the sequential and gradual learning of the distinctions and basic principles that are the basis of the ontological coaching practice. These will go hand-in-hand with specific supplementary reading materials.
  • The second axis is the development of mandatory activities throughout the duration the program to practice the distinctions acquired in class. These are directed towards developing coaching conversational skills and public speaking.
  • The third and last axis is the certification of our students as coaches through Initium partners: Association for Coaching – International Coaching Federation.

In order to accomplish this, the students will need to keep track of their supervised practice hours and develop an open workshop as their first experience in professional coaching.

Graduate Competencies

  • To implement individual and group ontological coaching within organizations and to the public in general.
  • To bring about cultural changes through processes of transformation and leadership.
  • Participate in strategy programs for the improvement of services.
  • Reformulate institutional objectives: design of mission and vision statements.
  • Manage, evaluate and advise organizational tranformation processes.
  • Take part in negotiation processes.
  • Train groups of people in designing and achieving future goals.
  • Encourage work in high-performance groups.
  • Generate clear and efficient communication for the coordination of actions.


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